Business Association


The Landrum Area Business Association (LABA) was formed in March of 2008. Its membership is made up of downtown businesses as well as businesses throughout the Landrum area. Its major purpose is to preserve and enhance the existing heritage and sense of community of the City of Landrum by financially assisting with beautification projects, developing green spaces and preserving and restoring historical building facades. The LABA has also established a scholarship program which will be available to qualified Landrum High School seniors who are planning to further their education.

Events held throughout the year will support the establishment of the Landrum Area Scholarship Fund. After expenses, all of the income realized from our events and memberships, goes back into the community. Going forward, the Halloween Stroll, Christmas Parade and Christmas Stroll will come under the direction of LABA. Work has begun on the creation of an annual fall festival featuring arts, crafts, food and music. Work has also begun on a Spring Home and Garden Show featuring lectures, plant sales, gardening instruction and demonstrations as well as art from around the area. LABA is committed to assisting local area businesses succeed, bringing new businesses to the area and promoting Landrum as a place where tourists feel welcome and visitors want to live and work.